Create a Class Passport

On a 3 x 5 index card paste a recent, recognizable picture of yourself (a bust shot if possible).  The picture should fit with in the boundaries of 1/4 of the index card.  If the picture is too large, trim it so it will fit, or use another! Please don't go and spend money to have a picture taken, see if you can find a picture that you would be willing give away for this purpose, or make a copy of your Student ID picture..  Please use a picture that will help me recognize you (i.e. recent, no sun-glasses, silly-faces, hats shading your face etc...). Paste the picture in the top left corner of the card. 

On the rest of the FRONT of the card include the following information...

On the BACK of the passport

Indicate by giving yourself the following point values for each of the following questions - "5" if you strongly agree, "4" if you agree, "3" if you are neutral, "2" if you disagree, and "1" if you strongly disagree with the statement below. Please write your number each individual statement on the back of the card.  Then, tally these points and write the TOTAL in the front side lower left corner of your class passport.
1) __ I consider myself an active participant in class and in group discussions.

2) __ I am confident in my ability to understand science concepts.
3) __ I generally like to take a leadership role in group discussions.
4) __ My goal is to learn as much as possible from this course.
5) __ I like to get my course work done in a timely manner, and am always prepared for class having completed course assignments and readings.
6) __ I often study with a classmate or in a study group with several classmates.
7) __ What grade did you receive in your last college introductory biology course (or the equivilant if taken at another school or AP/IB) - Use the following for assigning points:
            A = 5; B=4;C=3;D=1; F or have never had a college biology class = 0.

If there is someone in the class whose team you would rather not be on, please indicate this on the back of your card.  This information will be kept in the strictest of confidence!

Here is what you passport should look like!

Bring this card with you to class on the day it is due.  It is worth 10 points!