Chemistry Basics
  1. How are neutrons, protons and electrons put together to make an atom?  Which particles make up the nucleus?
  2. What defines an element?
  3. What are the four main elements that comprise living organisms?
  4. How does a molecule differ from an element?
  5. What is a chemical bond?
  6. How does the arrangement of electrons determine the bonding properties of an atom or ion?
  7. What is a covalent, ionic, and hydrogen bond?  Which of these involves sharing of electrons?  Which involves donating electrons?  Which is an interaction between atoms of separate molecules?  Which is strongest?
  8. What is the difference between a polar and non-polar covalent bond?
  9. Why do hydrogen bonds only occur in polar molecules?
  10. Why are chemical reactions crucial for life?
  11. What is the reactant in a chemical reaction, what is the product? What determines the rate of a chemical reaction?  What is chemical equilibrium?