Animal Development

1. What are the functions of fertilization?

2. How do the events which follow contact of a single sperm and egg prevent multiple fertilizations?

• what is the "fast block to polyspermy?"
• what is the "slow block to polyspermy?"
3. What is cleavage? Describe the change in size and shape of the zygote/embryo during cleavage.

4. What is a blastula?

5. Cell migration is an important process in development.  How is this demonstrated during the formation of the embryo?

6. How does the blastula differ from the gastrula?

7. Name some organs or tissues that develop from each of the embryonic germ layers.

8. Describe the formation of the neural tube in a frog embryo as an example of organogenesis.

9. What are the functions of the four extraembryonic membranes found in amniote developmment?