Death and Metabolism

Problems/Case Studies:

"A Rigorous Investigation" Claudia Bode, University of Kansas, and Allison Jablonski, Lynchburg College. State University of New York at Buffalo’s National Center for Case Study Teaching
In this case study, students investigate the cause of death in an incident that occurs late at night in a research lab. The goal of this directed case study is to make the abstract concepts involved in cellular respiration more accessible to students.
Developed for an introductory biology class, the case could easily be adapted for a more advanced biochemistry class.


"Facts about mitochondrial myopathies."  MDA.  November 2003. 
The website is for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  The website explains what mitochondrial diseases are and diseases associated with mitochondrial malfunction.

United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
This link offers current events and information regarding the foundation.

"Mitochondrial myopathy:  An energy crisis in the cells."  Sharon Hesterlee

"This is the first of a two-part Quest series about mitochondrial myopathy.  This article covers the basic biology of mitochondria and explains inheritance patterns and determinants of severity in mitochondrial diseases.  Part 2 will discuss diagnosis and treatment, including a look at new information about mitochondrial diseases in the research pipeline."