Ocean Iron Fertilization

Problems/Case Studies

The Geritol Solution, by Deborah Allen, University of Delaware.  Modifications by John S. Peters, College of Charleston.  This problem deals with the notion of bioengineering our oceans on a massive scale in order to combat global warming.  The notion of fertilizing our oceans with iron to increase phytoplankton productivity so as to draw carbon dioxide from the atmosphere was first proposed by John Martin at Woods Hole.  The purpose of the problem is for students to come up with recommendations for commercial ocean iron fertilization...that is, is this a possible cure for GW, or is it a potentially risky idea, that may not really work.
Is Iron Fertilization Good for the Sea?, LeLeng To, Goucher College. State University of New York at Buffalo’s National Center for Case Study Teaching.  This case explores how human activities contribute to greenhouse effects and global warming and is appropriate for introductory biology, ecology, environmental biology, microbiology, and environmental microbiology classes as well as courses dealing with environmental policy.


Oceanus, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute - A six part series on Ocean Iron Fertilization

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